Hands-on Vanilla Modelling Part III

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A plethora of results appear on a small google search “Logistic Regression”. Sometimes it gets very confusing for beginners in data science, to get around the main idea behind logistic regression. And why wouldn't they be confused!!? Every different tutorial, article, or forum has a different narration on Logistic Regression…

Ruminating Verbose of Statistics Part I

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“Proof by example” and “slothfull induction” can “prove” to be very dangerous.

Hasty generalization has always plagued the scientific realms for centuries. Often when the stakes are high, a rational argument for justification becomes a crucial requirement to minimize the potential loss that a fallacy could cause. …

Hands-on Vanilla Modelling Part I

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Applications of machine learning (ML) are now almost an integral part of our everyday life. From a speech-recognition based virtual assistant in our smartphones to super-intelligent automated drones, ML and artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the dynamics of human-machine interactions. AI algorithms, especially the convolution neural networks (CNN) have made…

Abhibhav Sharma

Mathematics Graduate| An R fanatic| Trying to induce machine learning in the orthodox formalism of computational biology. linkedin.com/in/abhibhav-sharma

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